Health Care

When you register for camp, you will be asked for medical and insurance information for each camper. The registration is not valid until all information is received. This is new in 2015. We no longer have a separate Health History Form.



American Camp Association Standards require all prescription and non-prescription medications to be kept locked and dispensed only under the specific directions of a licensed physician. All medications for youth and adults must be in the original container with the physician’s name on it. The directions/dosage on the container is what we are required to follow. All medications must be turned in to Health Care staff at check-in. The only exceptions are medications for life-threatening conditions, which may be carried by the camper after a discussion with our Health Care staff.


In Case of Illness or Accidents at Camp

Health care staff are on duty at camp 24 hours a day. Records of all medications and first aid treatment are filed with the health care staff daily.

If there is an emergency or serious illness, parents will be notified by camp staff.