• Confirmed Case of the Mumps at CJH

    June 1, 2016

    Dave Coker, NLOM Executive Director
    27416 Ranch Road
    Ashland, NE

    Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center has confirmed a case of the mumps in one of its summer staff members. The virus was identified very quickly when symptoms were noticed in a staff member who incubated the illness while at a nearby university. The staff member was seen by a physician and immediately quarantined at home where he remains until it is safe for him to return to camp. He was vaccinated.

    Camp healthcare staff are working with the camp’s Medical Director as well as the Cass County Health Department and the Nebraska Department of Health’s Office of Epidemiology to ensure the safety of all staff and campers.  Information from these sources will be shared with staff, campers and the public to help all involved better understand the virus.

    Any person wishing to attend camp at Carol Joy Holling during the summer of 2016 will be required to have had two MMR vaccinations.

    Mumps is a generally benign infection of the parotid glands (two of the six salivary glands in the mouth) and is best treated with rest and time. Any additional staff who show symptoms will be immediately sent home and quarantined according to physician’s recommendations.

    Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference and Retreat Center is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and follows the health procedures suggested by ACA and by the Cass County Department of Health and Wellness, including maintaining detailed health records as required. The health and safety of staff and campers is the camp’s first and foremost concern.

    Carol Joy Holling Camp is located just outside of Ashland, NE and is owned and operated by Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. For more information on the mumps, go to