Packing List

Please put your name on EVERYTHING! Also, all clothing should be appropriate for a Bible camp as well as for a highly active week.

❑     Bible with your name in it
❑     Heavy sleeping bag or bedding
❑     Pillow
❑     Laundry bag
❑     T-shirts, casual shirts (no tobacco, alcohol or drug ads)
❑     Shorts
❑     Jeans (required for riding horses at Tipi or Ranch)
❑     Underwear and socks (both are required)
❑     Pajamas or something to sleep in
❑     Swimsuit, oil free sunscreen and beach towel
❑     2 pairs of old shoes (sandals, slip-ons or any open-toed shoes are not allowed)
❑     Rain boots or waterproof shoes are highly recommended for dewy mornings
❑     Grubby clothes & shoes for mud activities
❑     Jacket and rain gear
❑     Hat for sun protection
❑     Bath towels and soap
❑     Comb/brush
❑     Toothbrush and toothpaste
❑     Other personal gear (glasses, shampoo, etc.)
❑     Insect repellent
❑     Flashlight and extra batteries

OPTIONAL: Sweat pants/sweatshirt; fishing gear; camera; journal/addresses/stamps; a stuffed animal; boots with 1/2 inch heel for riding, if you are at Tipi or Ranch; shower shoes.

Sjogren Center Campers

NOTE: If you are staying at the Sjogren Retreat Center you do NOT need to bring bedding; you DO need to bring bath and swim towels.

Please do not bring expensive jewelry, sunglasses or clothing.


  • Cell phones
  • Electronic equipment such as radios, iPods, tablets and laptop computers
  • Food, candy, pop
  • Knives, firearms, fireworks or anything that might be perceived as a weapon
  • Hair dryers, straighteners, etc.

“Not Allowed” items will be held by staff and returned at the end of the week. NLOM reserves the right to search personal belongings, with the camper present, if we believe items not allowed have been brought to camp. Illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, knives, firearms, fireworks or anything that might be perceived as a weapon are not tolerated at camp. NLOM reserves the right to ask any person found with these items to leave camp. Parents are responsible for coming to get any child asked to be sent home with no compensation or refund.